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SpeakGeek Launch

Introducing SpeakGeek to a wider audience

After a great start-up period during which the training outline got form, the time has come to take it to the next level by introducing SpeakGeek to the bigger audience. May we invite you to read the following article, also available on LinkedIn (don't hesitate to like and share!)



Please allow me to introduce [SpeakGeek]: a non-technical training program tailored for (but certainly not limited to!) ICT recruiters. It helps participants to get a broad overview of today's ever changing technical landscape and enables them to better understand and place ICT terminologies in the right context.

Learning ICT technology can seem difficult and it's hard to indicate what to learn: knowing what is and what is not needed for technical recruiting requires the knowledge and experience from a person that understands both ICT profiles and their skill set as well as recruiting. This is how SpeakGeek helps recruiters with effective learning.

We would like to invite ICT recruitment companies but also other professions that are required to "speak geek" to join our courses. Think about lawyers and jurists, even starters in the ICT world or those that simply want to orientate themselves.

We organize trainings at a central location in Belgium for which we open subscriptions to a group of max 15 persons to ensure the interactive approach can benefit all participants. These programs include access to the 2 day course with free parking, drinks and an extended lunch buffet (both warm and cold). We also foresee on-premises courses for training in group sessions within companies.


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